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Monday, December 07, 2009

Just How Crazy Are Those Environmentalists?

I suspect that there are several kinds of "environmentalist". Categorizing them, I'll start with the ordinary citizen. You and I are generally truly interested in taking care of the world around us. We tend not to litter. We tend to clean up our messes. We tend to be concerned about nature and wildlife. And we tend to want to listen and learn about how we can make prudent decisions about how we interface with our environment. Generally, we have no agenda other than trying to be responsible and minding our manners as citizen of the world. Then, there are the eco-zealots. A better name might be the "eco-terrorists" and the "eco-robots". This is an odd half and half mix of the mentally ill, and avowed Marxists. The Marxists have, at the heart of their anti-pollution agenda, a desire to shut down capitalism, reduce us to poverty, force a dependency upon a tyrannous state, remove wealth, and kill technology. The eco-robots are those individuals that simply cannot think critically and believe whatever the eco-terrorists tell them to believe either out of desire or out of ignorance. Then finally there are the eco-wolves. These are the vile politicians and businessmen that hope to capitalize on the activities of the eco-terrorists. Generally at any cost.

I would place Al Gore in the shoes of the eco-terrorist and of the eco-wolf. As a pal of the Marxists, he employs scare tactics to whip up the frenzy of the citizens while simultaneously trying to profit from this fear. I place Obama in the shoes of the Marxist eco-terrorist. Despite all the ClimateGate evidence pointing to the greatest science fraud in history, he refuses to review any of it and steadfastly explains (like he too is a scientist now?) he must save the world in Copenhagen. I place most of the weasel scientists in the eco-wolf role - they've been feeding heavily from the government grant money trough (that AL Gore initiated). And finally, I place the media on the eco-robot role... in their fervor to curry political favors, they willingly do the bidding of the politicians. And visa-versa. The result? Science is crumbling. Critical thinking skills have vanished. Politics rule. And of course, we see this every time we listen to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer... all halfwits babbling away with the belief that they are all important and brilliant. In reality, they're twits and chumps. But they get mutual support from the eco-terrorists, eco-robots, and eco-wolves. All the while, the real scientists explain that they cannot tell you the weather with any certainty, a mere 3 days out. How then do we explain the supposed supernatural powers of the politicians and the East Anglia snake oil salesmen then?

Remember the lowly paper bag? Recall how the environmentalists screamed that we would ALL die horrible deaths very very soon if we did not immediately stop using paper and convert over to using the PLASTIC BAG?

Despite the paper bag being environmentally friendly we were told it was "the end of the world" if we didn't start using plastic bags. Yet, paper bags come from a renewable resource (trees). They can be burned, they break down in a few weeks, and they're cheaply made. Plastic bags do not break down. They come from oil, which oddly, is NOT renewable and potentially running out. Plastic lasts for thousands of years and when they degrade, it's into toxic materials. If you burn a plastic bag, it gives off noxious and poison fumes. Burning a paper bags does not give off those poisons. Yet land fills are piled high with plastic bags, they just will not go away. So exactly why did the environmentalists scream for us to use plastic bags? There can only be one of two answers. Either they are ignorant emotion laden fools, or they're eco-terrorists purposefully working to tear down our society. Take your pick... both are bad, both wrong. It's just crazy!

More recently, look at the fiasco with these curly florescent lights. In order to SAVE the environment, we're going to KILL the environment with mercury from these broken bulbs.

Wait - I thought mercury was the ultimate bad boy of pollutants. So just how is it that we are forcing everyone to use these AWFUL and DANGEROUS and POISONOUS mercury filled light bulbs in order to save the planet? Huh?

None of this makes sense. And these environmentalists are now powerful enough to change your lives, how you live, and tell you what you can or cannot do. Shades of Stalin!

By examining just two simple issues here (paper bags and light bulbs) we are forced to come to the ultimate realization that these environmentalists are quite literally INSANE.

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