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Friday, November 27, 2009

ClimateGATE May Scuttle "Cap and Tax"

And we hope it does. "Cap and Tax" is nothing short of the dismantling of modern commerce. The whole of this agenda is based on Al Gore's nightmarish dreams in which he fancies himself a knowledgeable scientist (which he is not) out to save the world.

To get an idea how LITERALLY INSANE this whole thing is, please contemplate the movement to remove tungsten filament bulbs from homes and businesses. The forced "greenie" replacement is a curly fluorescent light bulb filled with mercury. If one breaks in your home (and who has not accidentally broken a light bulb), your whole house instantly becomes a federal toxic waste accident scene. You are advised to contact the EPA and follow their 35 step emergency clean up process. CLICK HERE.

And golly, weren't we just saying that mercury in our environment is the WORST thing in the world? Does this not indicate to you what is REALLY going on here?

Click HERE for the excellent news article from the UK Telegraph

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