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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Al... Al... Where Are You Al?

Mr. Al Gore.

Not Attorney Gore, not Dr. Gore, not Colonel Gore, not Lord Gore, not Minister Gore, not Inventor Gore, not MBA Gore, and well, "not much of anything" Gore except for "Daddy had a lot of power and influence" Gore.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in "Goverment Studies". Later, he attended the Vanderbilt School of Divinity for a little bit and then dropped out of school. He admitted he never intended to become a minister. A little while later, he attended the Vanderbilt Law School (Daddy had the money for his son to keep playing around) but he dropped out of school again without finishing anything higher than his BA degree. Some classmates have stated he spent a good deal of time doing nothing but skipping classes and drinking beer.

To his credit, he did enlist in the Army for two year. His assigned job? Military "reporter". He had orders to deploy to Viet Nam but somehow, they kept getting lost, until his father lost his seat in the Senate. Coincidence? And to think, Gore ripped into George "W" Bush for his service in the Air National Guard - sort of the kettle calling the pot black, eh?

And really, that's about it. No contributions, no inventions, no precedence setting lawsuits, no scientific advancements.

Then, and you know how this goes, he ran for office with a considerable political machine in place to support him (thanks Daddy). And the rest is history. A man with no contributions, little education, little fortitude, no tough tests in his life, silver spoon in mouth... Click HERE.

And out of the blue, because he has a passion (he recalls) he suddenly becomes MISTER GLOBAL CLIMATE SCIENTIST EXPERT.

Funny then, that he accused the Bushes of being "oil men", he himself was a part owner of Occidental Petroleum. A much larger global corporation when compared to George's little bankrupt drilling company. Hmmmm.... CLICK HERE.

Funny how that whole LOVE CANAL thing happened when both Al and his Dad were part owners of Occidental Petroleum. Occidental Petroleum was sued by the EPA and in 1995 FINALLY agreed to pay $129 million in restitution. Click HERE. Oh what a twisted web...

One note here. You will have to read in depth because these connections to Al Gore are embarrassing and have been buried deeply in these references. But, they are there.

Funny how, on simple educational levels, Bush ran circles around Gore. At least Bush had a Masters Degree.

Funny how Al and his Daddy were alleged BEST FRIENDS with a known SOVIET SPY. Funny how the Gore family and the Hammer family were alleged inseparable! Click HERE. Funny how Hammer alleged to have initiated numerous human rights abuses in South America... Funny how J. Edgar Hoover alleged to have written on the Gore and Hammer files "A Rotten Bunch"... Funny how Lenin (Russia) himself was alleged close friends with Armand Hammer, and then the Gores. Funny how the CIA and British Intelligence reported that Hammer was alleged to be "Laundering money for the Soviets". Funny how the Gores and Hammer families were THE best of friends. Click HERE.

So when did it happen that Al Gore decided to save the universe with his narcissistic arrogance? That all started when he gained control of the distribution of grant money for science and technology as the Vice President. He fancied himself a REAL SCIENTIST now. He had the money to "make it so".

It was about this time that MISTER Gore decided to tell the world that he, himself, invented the internet. You know... that WWW thing. What you are using now...

Did he invent it in the garage? In his bathroom? Did he get a patent? Write a White Paper? Anything? Nope. He just MADE IT UP.

And how about that LOVE STORY escapade? Remember when he told the world that the novel LOVE STORY was written about him... it was his authorized biography? Well, according to the author, it certainly was NOT about Al Gore. Maybe Al forgot to ask the author. Instead, Al just... MADE IT UP.

Bringing us to "global warming'. He just MADE IT UP.

What can you say about a pathological liar with visions of grandeur? Not much - except when they have lots of money they control and a large Soviet propaganda machine at their service.

And the rest, they say, is history.

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