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Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Simple Question...

Who do you believe?

Al Gore? A failed sleazy lawyer who could not pass the bar exam. The guy that received a low "C" or a high "D" average in college? The person who pathologically lies and tries to convince people that he (himself) created and invented the internet (DARPA would argue that)? The person that tries to claim that the novel LOVE STORY is his biography (despite the author having the audacity to deny that)? The politician (and we all know about the honesty of politicians)? The person who claims to have thunk up GLOBAL WARMING? And his proof? Well, he has none.... just "believe him" and his power over the grant money purse strings. Did he even take a single science class in college?


Carl Sagan. A premiere and gifted scientist... a man with a PhD in Physics and Astronomy... a man having served on the faculty of Harvard and Stanford. A man who held the David Duncan Chair as Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences? A man who was the winner of not a political peace prize but the Joseph Priestly Prize for "distinguished contributions to the welfare of mankind". And, oh yeah... he warned of GLOBAL COOLING.

Who would YOU believe?

Are you stupid or are you intelligent?

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