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Friday, November 27, 2009

Al Gore Is Cornered - Fighting Like A Rat

Now that Al Gore is cornered and the truth that all this global warming stuff was a hoax is out, Al Gore is fighting back like crazy. In this Op-Ed piece in the Financial Times (a liberal business rag), Al Gore now states that we have to MOVE FAST (sound familiar to the US Democratic Congress: "no time to debate or read the facts, just do what I say").

Al Gore's intent is to kill capitalism. And why not... we've already exposed him here in this blog for the Communist he has always been.

What is creepy is that FT actually runs to Al Gore for Op-Eds. So... what is FT all about then?

After you read this article, make sure you browse the comments section following the article. There is where you will see the real sentiment of Americans.

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