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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gore Going Mad

The guy just won't shut up... every time a real scientist trashes his pet theory, he ratchets up the insane rhetoric. Pretty soon I expect we'll hear him shriek like a little school girl standing on a stool pointing to a spider on the wall. He just gets more frantic with his "we're all doomed doomed doomed to a horrible painful death" nonsense. Doomed alright, unless we pay him more money... right? Funny how he and his pals are making BILLIONS off this whole panic thing! Is anyone talking about THAT? Of course not. The feeble-minded do-gooder media loves FEAR and PANIC. It too sells.

So now, Al is wailing that the whole freakin' north pole is going to disappear in five years. CLICK HERE. I mean really... he has ALREADY predicted that New Jersey would be under 10 feet of water by now and that hasn't happened. He's predicted that we'd be enjoying the warm balmy breezes of a blast furnace in the midst of winter NLT 2008... and well, that didn't happen. Matter of fact, it's colder now then ever before.

Hey everybody - don't let that snow and freezing wind fool you. Al Gore and the World Meteorology Center (read: United Nations) have already said this is the WARMEST WINTER on record. Really... what kind of fools do they take us for?

You have to know that they DO take you for a fool. That's what this is ALL about!

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