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Sunday, February 03, 2008

More Evidence of the Interstellar Medium and It's Impacts on the Ignorant

In yet another bit of anecdotal evidence that the space around our sun, the interstellar medium, and the "empty" areas in our galaxy are really FILLED with dust, gas, and material is evidenced by this picture of the light echo around the star V838 Mon. Click HERE.

There is plenty of photographic evidence that the interstellar medium is actually like this everywhere in our galaxy - some areas more dense than others. Click HERE, and even HERE.

As the galaxy turns, and her stars drift about in the interstellar medium, you can be sure that attenuation of starlight, and in our case sunlight, varies greatly. This then has a significant impact on the amount of sunlight that falls on our planets surface. In turn, this affects global climate. Less interstellar dust means more sunlight and a warmer climate, and visa-versa.

Notice! Not a bit of this has a thing to do with human activity.

Notice! Not much of the mapping of the dust around is well known. Yet this, in concert with ocean currents, solar cycles, continental drift, and other completely NATURAL factors, do have a HUGE impact on our weather and climate.

Why then do we turn, point at each other, and blame each other for the things we do not understand? Because - it's the politics of fear and the actions of the ignorant.

Wake up Gore - you're a self appointed facist.

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