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Friday, January 18, 2008

Full Moon Lunacy

News report from the UK reads:

January 17, 2008

LONDON - UN climate chief Yvo de Boer on Wednesday hailed as a "Marshall Plan" for climate change news that the United States will set up a multi-billion dollar fund to help developing nations acquire clean power technologies. Link.

What?!!?? If this is true, we are idiots. Pure, unadulterated, morons... and we will receive what we don't take action to prevent. Why, I ask, WHY, do we NOT invest in the U.S. first? If we are so gash-darned evil with our ways and pollution, why are we not investing HERE, with American taxpayer money, that's money out of your pocket and my pocket... why are we NOT putting that money into programs HERE at HOME first? WHY WHY WHY are we "giving" our money AWAY to the rest of the world like this?

Why? Because you, and you , and you, Mr. And Mrs. America, are dolts. Chumps. Fools. Your "elected" representatives and a small number of controlling special interests are taking you, you , and yes you, to the cleaners. That's all while you party down with that beer, numb your minds with television, go bar hopping, and pop that anti-depressant.

You are in the fast lane to THIRD WORLD status. I sincerely hope you like socialism and poverty! Maybe even a little fascism.

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