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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trying to Find the Right Description....

I just finished reading a commentary by a certain, well, I would say gentleman, but that would be a bold-faced lie... so let me start again. I just finished reading a commentary by a raving nutcase. OK, this nutcase has been bestowed a number of journalism awards (so what does that mean anymore I ponder?) and is a NY Times contributor (OK, now we're getting closer to a clearer picture).

In this short commentary, Mr. Dave Lindorff (click HERE for the commentary) laughs and dances with glee over the prospects that global warming might be real. We won't debate his mythological beliefs in this note (that's what this whole blog site is about) but we will take him to task over his apparent delight and wishes that global warming might indeed be real. Playing along, if global warming were real, many millions of people would be displaced, injured, and financially harmed. Yet - this is EXACTLY what this nutcase wants. For one reason. To prove that the liberal Democrats were RIGHT about Global Warming.

Is that sick, or what?

This fruitcake is so twisted and so deeply shoved up the dark dank crevasses of his beloved left wing liberal party that he would GLADLY see people harmed, injured, and put out JUST TO BENEFIT his political party.

As I've said all along... the liberals would kill their own grandmother or sell out the country just to gain any kind of political leverage. Their party IS their god.

Sick bastards!

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