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Friday, December 28, 2007

Pollution In China - Worlds Worst In History

The air pollution is so BAD in China (and getting worse by the minute) that the smog from China is actually starting to reach the western shores of the United States.

China is building a coal fired electrical generating plant more frequently than once a week... yet they have no OSHA or EPA to regulate their actions.

And yet, these countries are EXEMPT from the proposed Kyoto Treaty. They are THE countries polluting the world the most. Click HERE . This exposes the Kyoto Treaty (and Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and CNN) for what they really are - fraud and liars.

Isn't it odd how Al Gore NEVER EVER mentions pollution from China? It's ONLY the United States that he continues to attack. CNN is even worse. They're now claiming that China is actually CLEANING the air and that it is the US that still makes the air so foul. Yet... these pictures of how BAD the pollution in China really is do not lie and I know of not one US city that looks like this.

This continues to expose CNN for what it is too... the Clinton/Gore/China News Network. What? Did you forget about ALL that illegal Chinese money that funded Clinton and Gore's elections? And how about all that Chinese money that went to Hillary's campaign (remember those semi-spiked stories of $$ millions coming from one or two poor Chinese families in California a few months ago?).

I'm no pal of George Bush (either of them), but the Clintons and Mr. Gore have SOLD THIS COUNTRY RIGHT OUT FROM UNDER YOUR FEET. Wake Up!

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