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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Those that Don't Believe In Global Warming Are Evil

As expected, I do receive emails, on occasion, from rabid individuals chastising me for my lack of nobility and insensitivity. I am the heretic, the evil one, the devil - because I have a BLOG site that doesn't "agree" with the quasi-religious global warming fascists. This is exactly what is expected from the followers of High Priest Al Gore. There is no truth but their truth... how pitiful, how sad. I guess the book burnings and thought police are going to arrive soon...

Recently, a fellow named Ross (cute pseudonym) emailed me to explain how wrong I was to "question" global warming. A rather nasty email - but completely expected. It's not the first and certainly won't be the last. Reason? I can answer that. It's because this "issue" has become "personal" to the Gorians... it's their new religion. Al will save the world, and they're going to help! Heil! Heil!

I suspect that the whole carbon credits/global warming/Kyoto Treaty is nothing more than a fleecing of the people - to some degree or other. To wit, the carbon credit scheme (paying money allows you to pollute?) is next to extortion. It does NOTHING to stop global warming - as the nutcases are screaming about.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do believe we can do a much better job at managing our environment and that we do have to be careful in that respect. I even use the energy efficient bulbs in my house and business. I do it because it uses less energy and is cheaper over a period of time. But - it is, I admit, a damn half-baked stupid idea ultimately, because each of these bulbs contains MERCURY. And boy oh boy, won't that be fun when those end up in the junk yard. I can hear it now. Everyone will scream and cry that we need to go back to tungsten bulbs then. Just like with the nuclear power plants in the 70's and 80's. We had to STOP building them because they were BAD. Now, full circle, we're going to go back to them to appease the environmental wackoes once again. Which, really brings up another point. Think about it... these people will never be satisfied, the sky will ALWAYS fall for them.

Back to Ross though... people like him choose to "slime" blog sites rather than the REAL SOURCE of their issues - it's thought control after all. It's hatred. If indeed they are as NOBLE as they claim, if indeed people like Ross REALLY do care about the environment, like they pretend, then why aren't they pounding down the doors at the UN demanding that China and India (the 2 leading polluters in the world) stop what they are doing to the environment?? Any why don't they go after their own High Priest (Al Gore) for continuing to burn up fossil fuels like there's no tomorrow. Eh? Big questions. Silence in return. Well, I can answer... it's because people like Ross and the other ignorant sheeple with him have sadly bought into this nonsense that it's blog sites and America and SUVs and CO2.

It's a scam and people like this Ross fellow - defending Al at any cost, defending the Global Warming scam at any cost - are hypocrites, pure and simple.

Ross gets even funnier when he digs up "other" blogs sites that claim that "real" scientists are not to be believed, have no credentials, have no peer-reviews, and are just plain nut cases. As I stated earlier, the internet is a great place for the filth of "manufactured" evidence. Anybody can say anything - how can you check on it? Here's "proof" from the Gorians: " In reference to Dr. Gray's skill as a hurricane forcaster, Dr. Judith Curry writes: Every year, Gray’s forecasts are “wrong” (this does not mean that people don’t want to hear more of them)."

I am laughing. I know who Dr. Gray is. But who is Dr. Curry? Apparently a "mouthpiece" for this hit piece about Dr. Gray. And as far as predicting hurricanes - this is even funnier - the global warming nuts (presumably Dr Curry perhaps?) had predicted a dozen or more KILLER hurricanes for the 2006 season. We had - oh - ZERO. Then, they came back and said, well, we really meant the 2007 season. Yes, a dozen or more deadly KILLER hurricanes, worst on record, for 2007. How many? Oh, maybe one little one came near the US. And well, that about sums it up.

Oh yes, finally, SCIENCE BY CONSENSUS is NOT science... anyone that thinks that REAL science is by consensus is, well, a moron. Ever heard of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD?
Look it up chumps! The word "consensus" does not exist in that explanation.

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