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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Solar System Passing Through Unexpected Interstellar Cloud

The solar system has been discovered to be passing through an unexpected light cloud of interstellar material (hydrogen and helium). This should be attenuating the apparent luminosity of the sun to a slight degree, as measured on the earth. This is much as the sun is attenuated by clouds in our atmosphere on a cloudy day. Ever notice how cloudy days are cooler?

It is not known how large this cloud is or how it's density varies from location to location but it is probably a good bet this transit could last several years, decades, or more.

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One might expect "global cooling" from this. One might also be correct in assuming that the largest influences "on the Earth" have everything to do with the sun, the interstellar medium, and the galactic environment and all combination and permutations of those three factors. Not man, SUVs, or Al Gore.

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