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Friday, March 06, 2009

Kerry: CO2 Regulation Won't Work, We're Doomed

Another notable scientist and deep thinker of some stature, Senator John Kerry (extreme sarcasm there), recently explained (March 5 2009) that no matter how good the regulations are to limit CO2 emissions, they are just not good enough.

Oddly enough, he concludes this because his wife (another notable deep thinker and scientist - not) told him to. These startling conclusions were issued by the Heinz Center. Teresa Heinz is vice chair of the board of trustees for that organization (Money is a magical key. And here you thought you had to have skills and intelligence to sit on, or chair, these boards).

Their suggestions, and ultimately their demand? Take control of or shut down the energy producers. Odd, other people in other times would see that as nothing more than extortion. A way to grab and control the producers of power in this country.

Click HERE for the story.

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