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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

China - #1 Producer of Pollution

In early March 2008. in an economic newsletter named "Money and Markets", Tony Sagami (the author) wrote:

"I've told you about China's horrendous pollution problems before. Heck, the air is so filthy in China's largest cities that I don't even bother booking hotel rooms above the 10th floor because you can't see anything. So it came as no surprise to see that China had the dubious honor of passing the U.S. to become the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases in 2007. Some more facts:

Arrow According to the European Space Agency's indisputable satellite images, China has the planet's worst levels of air pollution.

Arrow The World Bank said China is home to 16 of the planet's 20 most air-polluted cities.

Arrow A study from the Chinese Academy on Environmental Planning blamed air pollution for 411,000 premature deaths." [end of quote]

OK, that said, I must now ask, where exactly is GreenPeace and why are they so SILENT when it comes to China? The same goes for the ECO-Terrorists in the northwest US. The same question is applicable for all of the global warming nutcases. Why is the Weather Channel and Dr. (snicker snicker) Cullen silent on China? Why is Al Gore SILENT when it comes to China? Care to take a guess? It's pretty easy but in case you cannot figure this one out... I'll help you.

Aside from the hysterical un-educated followers of the global warming cult, the perpetrators that are cultivating this fear, this myth, are doing it for political purposes. There IS an agenda of FEAR on purpose. How else do you get a socio-political agenda into action? Why do you think Al Gore received MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars from China when he was in office and writing his book about global warming? Why do you think they're all silent about China if they were REALLY concerned about global warming and greenhouse gasses for the Earth? Reason: they are ANTI-AMERICAN and PRO-CHINA. This is ALL ABOUT business and ALL ABOUT politics.

There's isn't a SHRED of science fact in any of this global warming mythology - because if there were, don't you think that the UN, and Al Gore, and the Weather Channel, and the US government would be pounding on China's door right now!??

They're not.

There's your answer.

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