Monday, January 11, 2010

Ice Age Here?

How can we have global warming when we have global cooling? How can left be right? How can up be down? How can white be black? How can in be out? How can good be bad? How can cold be hot?

If you listen to the global warming (excuse me, I meant to say "climate change") extremists (from Buttheddistan) and greenie Marxists, they will tell you, try to convince you, that this COLD is merely part of GLOBAL WARMING. Which, you will realize, is patently absurd if you would stop listening to the Marxists and start using your own head. It is COLD because the Earth is NOT warming. It is colder than normal because it is NOT WARMER than normal. How easy could this be? How much common sense did that take to realize that?

There is even a concern that a mini-ice age has started... not at all unexpected by those that are not politically (read: Marxist, or of the Gorites) motivated.

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