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Monday, May 19, 2008

More Hurricanes - Less Hurricanes - No, More Hurrucanes - No, Less!

First they said: Global Warming will cause more frequent and more deadly hurricanes. That was after a few hurricanes hit the US coastline.

In the following years (2006-2007), not one significant hurricane hit the US coast line. Completely debunking the earlier warning about Global Warming.

In 2008, Global Warming 'U.S. enthusiasts' now cry: Global Warming will cause fewer hurricanes. Click HERE for that recent article.

Never mind that we've always had devastating hurricanes randomly interspersed with non-devastating hurricanes as far back in history as you can look. Never mind any facts. Never mind reality. Anything to fit the theory in, eh? Folks, this is NOT science - this is political scare-mongering.

And now... oh golly, we don't call it GLOBAL WARMING, we're supposed to call it CLIMATE CHANGE. That is such a clever sleight of hand trick... because the climate is ALWAYS changing and always has.

Bottom line - the global warming mythologists simply have no clue and not enough data and are constantly trying to PROVE global warming and why you should be afraid and why you should VOTE for them. Simple picture - wake up! It's the politics of FEAR. Don't be a stooge!

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