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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mental Illness Blamed on Global Warming

Now, things are really getting weird. The WHO is now blaming Global Warming for mental illness. Whoda thunk it? Literally, they issued a report that states: Establishing a link between climate change and mental health, the World Health Organisation has said extreme weather conditions can lead to psychiatric illnesses. Amazing.

"Psychosocial illnesses are a part of the various health issues associated with climate change," Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Deputy Regional Director, WHO, said.

Stretching credulity even further, the WHO claims that bad weather makes it difficult for planting crops, stocking shelves, improving anything, and even impacts the ability of a company to hire people or expand business capabilities. They even strain any bit of rationality by approaching the thought that weather causes poverty. Heck, why stop there I think to myself. Let me be so bold as to take the next logical step in their illogical train of thought. I hereby blame my gambling losses, my flat tire, and my inability to win the LOTTO on the rain, wind, and a little lightning. Damn that weather!!!

Next thing you know, the WHO is going to be recommending DRUGS to relieve us from weather anxiety. A drugged world. Yeah, that's JUST what we need, eh?!

Click HERE for the FULL sick story

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