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Friday, March 09, 2007

Temperatures Trending Down

In contrast to the hysterics of Al Gore, the Democrats, the Main Stream Media, and the Hollow-wood crowd of stars and starlets... we are actually seeing a downward trend in temperatures.

Using NCDC (National Climate Data Center - a division of NOAA) data, I've found that the overall temperature trend, for all Januarys from years 1895-2007 for the "central United States" is actually down 1 degree. Click HERE to do this yourself.

Now, here is a national 50 year temperature average (1945-1995) using the same NOAA data, for the month of July. You can see that the trend is slightly upwards, of .02 degree a year, in July. At this rate, IF it is consistent and you do believe in global warming, it will take 100 years for the temperature to go up an average of two degrees in July. Offset this by the trend for colder winters and we're still right about on an even keel for year round average temperature.

It has also been suggested that temperature measurements taken in the summer are incorrect - seemingly higher in the summer. This is because many readings are taken "in the city". And most cities have grown, and have with larger amounts of concrete and heat absorbing objects than ever before. It is well known that temperatures in cities are artificially higher than their surrounding countrysides.

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