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Thursday, March 15, 2007

End of the World - According to NPR and Lawyers

Last week, the American Bar Association's environmental law conference met in order to pretend that lawyers and journalists were now qualified climate scientists.

"We live in a country where more people care about the death of Anna Nicole Smith than the death of a planet," said moderator Judy Muller, a long-time NPR contributor and associate professor at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Journalism.

The discussion centered on how the media can continue to carry "the message" to the public. Most heavily credited was Al Gore, for his landmark hysterical film: "We're ALL Gonna Die Horrible Deaths Unless You Submit To The UN And Begin Investing In My GREEN Companies". The intended direction agreed upon was to crank up the hysteria in as many media sources as possible (in order to continue to induce terror upon a dumbed down society).

"If the scientists are anywhere near right, we can expect massive dislocations," said Fialka, of the Wall Street Journal's Washington, D.C., bureau. And, as usual, Fialka predicted that global warming will specifically target blacks and poor people (just like Katrina did).

Further fueling the hysterical tantrums is the next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report due to be released at a meeting in Belgium next month. To be sure though, the IPCC is a UN governmental body without a single scientist on it's board - it is a political arm of the UN involved in drafting policy. It is expected that this next report will affirm that we're all going to die, except for the Chinese and the Indians, and that blacks and poor people will be targeted first by global warming... and that it is squarely the fault of greedy Americans.

According to early glimpses of the IPCC draft, everyone will be flooded out of their expensive beach homes, while strangely, everyone will face water shortages. Then, malaria will spread. A new kind, a horrible new American kind. Then, fire ants will bite everyone. Polar bears will all be homeless and will be found living in boxes under overpasses. Everyone will starve despite warmer temperatures and faster growing food crops.

Then, remarkably, our reporter states that the IPCC draft continues: rivers of blood will fill the streets, there will be visitations be demons, the Earth will smash into the Moon, there will be no air, earthquakes will split the Earth in half, 443 asteroids will all hit at once (only hitting blacks and poor people), disease will be rampant, we'll run out of gin, then the sun will go supernova - burning only blacks and poor people. It is a bleak future, all surely to happen in the next 29 minutes if we don't act to destroy America's wealth, and redistribute it, now.

The ungodly horrible future can be found CLICK HERE

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